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Kristen is a third generation REALTOR®.  She grew up going to open houses, on appointments, having phones ringing in the house. (all before fax machines)

Kristen has said, "I never knew how much I knew until I began working in the family business," over 20 years ago.

She experienced watching her grandmother, Elouise A. Troup and her mother, Lorraine Walsh Troup, working together with clients, finding homes over the past 60 years. This is where "Call Out The Troup's" all began. I still have people come up to me today, and enjoy saying it, as my nana was very well known in town.   At the age 26, a single, working mom, she was able to purchase her first home in Braintree for her and her son, Michael.  A few years later, married with her second child, they outgrew the 900 sq. ft bungalow and moved to Mansfield where she has resided for the past 18 years.  Mansfield has been a wonderful balance of working between the south shore and southeastern areas, as she is familiar with all the surrounding territory to work with her clients.

Kristen brokered her family real estate office in Braintree & Mansfield for about 15 years after her mom's passing, before joining Lamacchia. Kristen saw all the opportunities, training, & support that was provided and thought it was the best choice to offer all the incentives to her clients and joined the Lamacchia Way.

Kristen has worked with hundreds of clients both Selling & Buying Homes in Massachusetts.  One advantage working with Kristen is different from just any REALTOR® is her elevated skill-set. She attends regular training at Lamacchia, keeping current on local trends, she has owned multiple properties and the many years in the business that benefits her clients.  There have been many instances, where because she and or her family has worked in the area for so long, she has established relationships with other agents. These other agents know the quality work she provides and prefers to work with her for this reason, knowing it will be a good experience for all parties.

A 2nd advantage is the life experiences she brings to the table. Kristen's personal background maximizes her understanding of the industry and the many different challenges her client may be going through too. Kristen will say "I have worn many hats". She can personally relate to many people -- either it be from being a single mom, running a business, getting married, divorced, getting remarried,  being a step-mom, supporting her family,  bankruptcy, owning investment properties, having tenants, owning a home on the cape--being subjected to the economics of the world, and still coming out on top through perseverance, commitment & integrity. 
These characteristics can't be taught, but are critical to having the "best" working for you.   Kristen will be there to provide you with "the best" experience during your real estate transaction. As in life, not any one real estate transaction is the same, so being able to identify concerns before they occur, and keeping the flow going for you to reach your goal of Selling*Buying - is her goal!

Kristen is grateful to have the opportunities to work with her clients, and when they continue to refer business to her, the trust is valued --  She offers her clients the highest standards of professionalism, providing them with excellent one-on-one care, creating an exceptional real estate transaction they want others to experience.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

We are a family of seven when altogether - so when not involved in a family activity - I have always loved traveling and photography. "Photography has always been an inspiring outlet for me. I enjoy capturing a moment that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.  Last year we purchased some kayaks and enjoy exploring new lakes and rivers in the area -  and when home our four rescue pups from Tennessee keep us pretty busy too.

Lastly,  I am involved with a few different charities. I have volunteered with School on Wheels and participated in their tutoring program that I loved.  On occasion, I am able to volunteer my auctioneering skills to help charitable events with their auctions &  fundraising.  I think it is important to show by example to my children the gift of giving back, and the gift of time is just as valuable as the gift of monies.”

Kristen was really patient with us (me), and met with me several times to help us figure out what to even look for in a house. She guided us through the entire process, recommended lenders, loans, and once we settled for a 203k, even contractors. She entertained me with a couple of showings, but kept telling me the right house for us was there, somewhere and when we found it, it fell so perfect we put in an offer the very next day… and got our house.
We couldn’t be happier…
Maria Jose Guillen Newton:Natick

We were very happy working with Kristen Meleedy. Kristen took the time to respond to all of our questions and concerns right away. She never left us hanging and always updated us with new developments, with a positive attitude. She knows her stuff, as she has been in the business for many years. We found Kristen to be down to earth and she was able to relate to some of the same experiences we had been through. Kristen is a great person and a great realtor. If the need arises, we would definitely contact Kristen to help us in our next adventure.
Geanine & Bob Sullivan: Dorchester:Abington

When you hire Kristen Meleedy you are not just getting a real estate agent you are truly acquiring a friend for life. When Kristen tells you she’s got your back you can be sure that is a fact. I do not know where to begin to say thank you for all that Kristen did to help us find our dream home. After losing out on 4 other homes while working with another agent we decided to switch gears and Kristen used her many resources, her expertise and her kind and comforting personality to assist us in securing a home in our ideal location before the Open House was even held. There is no doubt that her persistence and willingness to go the extra mile for us made our dream come true. But Kristen did not stop there, she continued to help us by connecting us to other professionals like a designer and a contractor who have both been fabulous. Kristen also helped me to sell my home which was a very emotional ride and she was there with me every step of the way. She talked me down off the ledge when necessary and in the end she fulfilled her promise that it would all work out as it should. I consider Kristen to be our friend now and I know that we will stay in touch for the long haul.
Rhoda Guilbalt Lennon. Braintree:Stoughton

Kristen helped me to find a home that was a great fit in an incredibly competitive market. Her patience and persistence were a big help throughout the entire process and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Robert Kane: Braintree

Kristen is the person we trust to help us find what we need. Whenever we have any questions related to anything in real estate, she is always so helpful and gets right back to us! Highly recommend Kristen and Lamacchia Realty!!
C. Thompson: Braintree:Pembroke
Kristen Meleedy is my broker. I was researching the market for over a year before I met her. She made me feel at ease about buying my first house. I never doubted her expertise and guidance. She rocks! She took me step by step through the process and made things easier to understand. I think she's the best one out there. I've now owned my home for almost 2 years and I absolutely love it! Kristen has become an incredible friend to me. So glad I met her! She sincerely cares for people and helps in any way she can. She still continues to answer my questions when they come up and helps any way she can. I feel so great knowing I can message her a question and know she'll be quick to respond. Now that's an amazing broker! I just adore Kristen! 

Abby Guilbault

We spent almost a year trying to find the perfect home and Kristen was there every step of the way! She was always available by phone/texts or email. Kristen was sure to update us with any new information ASAP. We would highly recommend Kristen Meleedy, especially to those that are first time home buyers. Kristen was patient and explained each step of the process while we were purchasing our first home.

Greg W., Carver, MA

Gregory Wilkinson

Kristen Meleedy was extremely helpful in the process of renting our home! We had problems with previous tenants and wanted to make sure we found a quality tenant as quickly as possible. She made several trips to the house, providing great advice as to what we needed to do to present the house in the best light. Once we finished renovations, she promptly put out a sign and started fielding calls right away. As soon as she found the right family to rent the house, she set up a meeting to make sure we felt comfortable as well. Kristen handled all of the business side of the transaction, making sure everything necessary was included in the lease. It was such a relief to let such a professional handle this responsibility! I highly recommend Kristen!

Carolyn and Joe K., Pembroke, MA

Carolyn Thomson Kennedy
We worked with Kristen Meleedy in selling our first home and buying our second home.
She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, patient and generous with her time.
She answered every question and explained every part of the process clearly when its needed,
working with Kristen made the process possible and pretty straightforward. We enjoyed our time
and cherish the purchase\ sale experiences with her.
Thank you Kristen !!!

Linda Lo

I utilized a buyer agent in my search for a home. Kristen was wonderful to work with and very responsive. She guided me through the process and helped me find the home of my dreams!

Richard L., Whitman, MA

Richard Lindquist
Kristen is very personable and goes above & beyond for her clients. I have worked with other realtors before and she is by far, the best! I have and will continue to recommend her to every person!!

Beth Stavolta Karr
I ended up getting paired up with Kristen at Lamacchia Realty by chance. My husband & I were stood up by our Realtor. I called one of the listing phone numbers (on the lawn of the open house we were at), and it was fate at its best! Kristen called us back within an hour, willing to work with us, and come out to meet us on her day off! We knew the relationship would be great. Within 6 weeks, we closed on our brand new home. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you Lamacchia Realty, and thank you Kristen!! 

Sarah Reese

Yes we would recommend Kristen Meleedy with Lamacchia Realty 100% with out them we would not have a house. We had a few issues and they were very knowledgeable and able to guide us in our purchase. They are very honest and down to earth no scumbag vibes. Being a first time buyer we were not taken advantage of and again very helpful 100% of the way.

Steve M., Taunton, Massachusetts

Steve McDonald
Kristen Walsh-Meleedy did a fantastic job helping me sell my parents' house. I interviewed several Realtors, and she was able to sell it at a higher price than other agents quoted me and with fewer repairs than other agents predicted I would have to make. Her advice was practical and helpful. I recommend her highly.

Kirsti MacPherson

We looked into Lamacchia Realty after going to an open house hosted by one of their agents. We found that agent to be genuine, friendly, and helpful, so we went to their site to learn more.

On their site, we found that Kristen Meleedy was a buyers agent in our area, so we randomly reached out to her. Best decision we ever made!! Kristen was beyond responsive, welcoming, and friendly. She has a great passion for helping people and working for people, and that was evident from day 1! She wanted to do right by our family, and as first-time home buyers that made us feel so comfortable. 

The contacts and connections Kristen has are also amazing! The work she puts into developing relationships with key people in the home buying process – lenders, attorneys, inspectors etc., made our home buying process so accessible and smooth. We wouldn’t have had as enjoyable a home buying process without her help.

I would recommend Kristen Meleedy wholeheartedly to anyone else. She is great!!

Courtney and Steven R., Foxborough, MA

Courtney Trotta Ruggles

It’s our first home. We didn’t know what to do or where to start. My wife looked online at houses and made few phone calls and one of those calls was to Kristen Meleedy. She was quick in response and enthusiastic. She requested that we meet. She explained everything thoroughly and she always tried to answer our questions. Always on time and always ready to help, even now.
She knew exactly what we wanted and she wouldn’t give up until she found us the house we want at a price we can afford. Very professional and knowledgeable
A great friend for life.
Thank you Kristen

Hala Ramada Mansfield, MA

Hala Ramada

We were first time home buyers and now, thanks to Kristen Meleedy of Lamacchia Realty, we are first time home owners. Kristen started with us in the middle of a snowstorm during the month of February here in Massachusetts 2014. Anyone who lives here can tell you that it was a terrible winter, but she was amazing. Arriving just ahead of the storm, answering our questions and providing us with as much information as we desired. Within a week we were attending Open Houses and seeing homes that fit in with our initial "Must-haves and Want lists.” We quickly realized that our must-haves needed to change and Kristen found us home after home to fit the bill. She helped us get through the process of putting our first offer in on a home. She met us promptly at each location and even become one of our 2 year-old son’s favorite people to see.

We felt very well looked after and cared for under Kristen’s tutelage. She was a guide and a partner in our adventure. When we found our eventual home, she worked even harder; ensuring that our needs were met, our concerns assuaged, our questions answered. She provided us with innumerable contacts and nuggets of advice to keep us rooted and moving forward. She was, in a word, impeccable.

Someday, if we sell, and if Kristen is still working. We will find her, and list with her wherever she may be. She made a daunting, frightening, and difficult experience exhilarating, relaxing, and simple.

Absolutely the experience that I needed when buying my first home and I know that she will do the same for anyone because that is simply the kind of Realtor and person that she is.

Allan & Alissa M., Milford, Massachusetts

Allan Maki
We love you Kristen you're the best !!!
Be sure you are always our choice for the future.

Raid Kaddoura
Kristen is the best! Thankfully she helped me rent an investment condo and we obtained a great tenant! Kristen is a true real estate professional and a pleasure to work with!

Tiffanie Williams Needham

Our home buying process started at the beginning of this year and Kristen made it easy for us! 
She knew the market and had the right things to say to guide us in the right direction.

Thanks to her and Lamacchia, my wife, my son, and I are the proud new owners of a beautiful split level ranch(Since may 2017)
I highly recommend her to anyone trying to buy a home!

Samuel Kang
My dad and I had a GREAT experience with Kristen!! She knew exactly what we both wanted (which we were not in agreement with) and she got us what we BOTH wanted. She is the best agent we have ever dealt with. Put our needs above all and was available 24/7. True dedication! Nothing to complain about, just hope Lammachia is paying her what she deserves.

Margaret Mary

Kristen. Noel and I want to thank you again for your hard work helping us buy our beautiful new home. We are very happy and comfortable here. We know we probably wouldn't be here if not for your expertise and persistence. Thanks so much! Judy and Noel.

Judy Mahoney Tessier
We were happy to work with Kristen Meleedy from Lamacchia Realty when purchasing our first home. She helped us feel more comfortable on where to expand our search, gave us her gut reaction on how the homes we saw might fit our family and needs and seemed to be available 24/7! She's also been great with following up after our purchase and has let us know that if there are any questions or help we may need settling in, she's there for us. A great person to work with and know.
Ali Lindquist

Can't speak highly enough of Kristen Meleedy, strongly recommend working with her especially if you're a first-time home buyer. I was afraid to take out a large mortgage- originally my plan was to get a condo, I'm very glad Kristen stepped in and set me in the right direction. Now I own a 2-family home and pay the mortgage with rent I collect. 

The house is perfect for me - as soon as she found it Kristen insisted that I get out and have a look. Because I was still a little hesitant she had to pressure me a little. At first I was upset about that (keep in mind at this point I'm still thinking condo, I'm 28, and I never spent this kind of money before) but now I understand & appreciate what she was doing for me. 

Another realtor might have been happy to sell me a condo, collect their pay, and move on to the next (less jittery, less of a hassle) customer - Kristen was adamant about me getting the house instead. She was 110% right - since I bought I've had 100% occupancy in the rental unit and my home's value has increased over 25%. Because I listened to Kristen I own a home I love at a great location and my finances are solid. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude, what she did for me was above & beyond the call of duty.
Reid Ogren

I can't speak highly enough of Kristen Meleedy. She is amazing at what she does and took all the stress and worry out of buying my first home. She made my fiancé and I feel like family and I hope to get the pleasure of working with her again in the future. If anyone asks me for where to go to start a home search, there's only one person I will ever recommend, and that's Kristen. I cannot thank her enough for what she did for us, and I feel truly blessed to have had the pleasure of working with her.

Rob Coolidge

Kristen Meleedy was great to work with. Her experience and attentiveness was a calming presence during what was a very stressful time (buying and selling a home while having 2 year old with one on the way). Her diligence and guidance helped us find our new and sell our previous home in a short window. Her knowledge of the market and her always available approach was invaluable during the process. There were challenges but she got it done!

Scott Robson

I recently moved to MA from CA and trying to find a new home from 3,000 miles away was tough. I found an apartment listing online and clicked the link to "send me more information". Kristen got back to me first thing the next morning to provide me with information about the property and kept in touch with me as we worked through different ways for me to see the apartment. I had a friend go to the open house in place of my and we did a virtual tour, and I fell in love. Kristen got me the paperwork right away and made it so easy for us to secure our new home from across the country. THEN she blew me away by going the extra mile to message me to make sure we had arrived safely and to see if there was anything else we needed. I can't imagine having done this without her - she definitely helped to make this move stress free. I am so looking forward to working with her again when we are ready to buy.

Rachael Kravarik

We would just like to say how helpful, resourceful and positive Kristen was every step of our journey to find a home.
Kristen took the time to listen to us, understand our wants and needs and offer realistic information, opinions and options.
No matter how many roadblocks were thrown in our way ( and there were many ) Kristen never gave up and never gave less than 100%.
It's very difficult to find this kind of service in any area now for the consumer. At every moment, it always felt like she was out there fighting for us.If you are considering purchasing a property, you would do well to consult with Kristen Meleedy.
You will have someone by your side who will not fill your head with dreams or empty promises, instead, you will have an ally that will work at least as hard as you will to achieve your goals. 
The Williams family.

The Williams Family

Kristen Meleedy went above-and-beyond for us during the whole house-hunting process. With this being our first experience she was so patient and explained everything to us in a way we would understand. She always was on our side and didn't let anyone take advantage of our inexperience. I always felt comfortable going to her to ask any questions about the home buying process and I really enjoyed working with her. I would definitely recommend her to everyone who is searching for a new home!! 

Megan Bankert

I just want to send out a giant THANK YOU KRISTEN for helping to sell my first home. I had never sold a home before, and I did not have a good knowledge of the real estate market and had no idea about what I had to do or how to do it. So I really needed a trust worthy person to the right thing by me, to sell my home for a good price and provide reliable service. I instantly liked her, she presented as professional, knowledgeable and was very experienced in the real estate business. I knew I had found the right person to sell my home. Kristen was with me all the way, from the time before I went on the market to sell to the closing day! Kristen communicated with me every step about what was happening and what was coming next. Kristen got a full price offer one day after the open house. My aunt was selling her home at the same time I was so we would compare notes. My aunt’s house was worth much more than mine, yet the service that I received from Kristen would have you thinking otherwise. I would share with my aunt what was happening and I kept hearing, my real estate agent isn’t doing that. From the professional pictures, to the write up, as well as picking up the 6d certificate, Kristen blew the other real estate agent out of the water. I would definitely recommend Kristen to anyone who is considering selling their family home.

Christine Marie